Tuesday, 9 September 2008

September Blues (2)

Is it just me or is it all rather bitter sweet at the moment? The crops are being lifted or picked and some things are gone altogether now, yet we have the joy of lovely food. I realise this is what allotmenteering is all about but really, how can you not be sad to see such empty spaces in the plot?

We are of course already thinking ahead and learning about crop rotation etc, so that's helping. We have the new big bed which needs dug over and planned properly too. But soon the runner plants will be gone and last night I lifted the last of the turnips. Great wee harvest basket picture admittedly.

We have got new stuff sprouting - carrots, scallions and pak choi and there are spring cabbages doing well. The leeks look good now, the chillies are ripening and we still have lots of potatoes. But again, I just seem to focus on the fact that the sweetcorn plants and wee apple tree are giving up their presents and will soon be gone /bare and the massive (unfruitful) pumpkins need composting. Could you imagine me as a farmer! And goodness what if it were wee lambs going to slaughter; I need to wise up!

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