Sunday, 14 September 2008

A warm hearted killer?

This is the 1st of a few posts about the lottie from this weekend. So stay posted.

Ok, there was mass destruction of my Alchemilla Mollis and the Redcurrant bush by blasted caterpillars. The green ones with the thin yellow stripe (Cabbage Whites?). I picked them all off, believe me it took a long time, there were so many and many, many baby ones too. I put them in the bucket with all my weeding and thought, "there, munch away" but then I got nasty...They all ended up in the compost bin, with the weeds. Our compost bin is roasty toasty at the mo (more on that later) so the idea was, treat them like Lobsters. By this I mean lull them to sleep/death. I think this is a pretty kind way to treat my nemeses; they get to eat as much as they can, feel all cosy and safe and then DIE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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