Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A few photos

I haven't been feeling too good, not good at all. To cheer myself up I was just looking at photos of the Allotment. There are a couple from the weekend that I forgot to share...

Here is a new caterpillar chrysalis on the lintel of our shed door. Looking at this I realised that this process has always fascinated me; the complete reinvention of oneself. Also it reminds me that 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle was my favourite book as a child and hence, is probably where my difficulties come from, when it comes to disposing of the blighters when they are eating my plants. (I still have a copy of that book upstairs!..).

Then there was this one. I call it 'Diamonds'. It is of course water droplets on our baby cabbages, if they were diamonds I wouldn't be sitting here right now, I'd be rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams, with a cabbage/diamond plant income to fund my extravagant lifestyle!!!! Well that's a lie; I love to blog, so I'd be sitting on my yacht writing away about the photos Jeeves had been sending about the Lottie.

I'm talking nonsense! Just a bad day and trying my hardest to cheer the heck up.

We were there last night for literally a couple of minutes. Nothing to do, but we needed to clear our heads. It was only 6:30pm when I took this photo of the sun setting from our lottie bench. Beautiful, yes, but the fact that it is getting darker so much earlier now is really quite depressing don't you think. Soon we'll only be able to go to the Allotments at the weekend.

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