Monday, 29 September 2008

In Memory....

Yesterday was the anniversary of my Grandmother's death from Cancer. It's been 12 years, and her husband (my Papa) died 6 months before her in March 1996. Both of them would have been very interested in the Allotment had they been with us now, in health. My Grandparents' home was one of constant baking and cooking and their back garden was bascially an allotment itself. A hang back from the war years. My Papa grew all sorts, I remember the gooseberries by the kitchen window, seeing potatoes lifted for the 1st time, big cucumbers, rhubrarb (do I remember correctly - did he make rhurbarb wine?) even a Grapevine in the greenhouse. I was too young to remember everything he grew.

Unfortunately, I was never to know them as an Adult woman, only a teenager and via a stroke, my Papa was 'gone' when I was really just about a teenager.

They were good people. They were and are still loved. x

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