Monday, 15 September 2008

Not all hard work

There's always plenty of time for a chat on the allotments and luckily we have some good friends with which to waste a little time with. James was back on my radar on Saturday, after what seemed like weeks, every time he's thought about going down recently, it would rain on him! And of course where would we be without Gary, our next door neighbour. And indeed where would he be without us for a break? I've seen 'The Plan' - implemented by January eh?, ummm we'll see.

Along with chats there are the frequent coffee breaks and on the rare occasion of good weather - going into the shop in Eden for a lollipop (Polly Pineapple or Mars Bar ice cream, naughty).We have a radio in our shed, which seems like a great idea but this one is a wind up one and for every 5 mins of winding you get 20 secs of air chatter (or so it feels). We (by that I mean Andrew) thought it would be cool to listen to BBC Gardener's Question time whilst working away; it isn't!

I'd advise anyone to have a cute and cuddly dog on site at all times as well. Tickle time is great fun and Maggie also gives a wonderful excuse to go noseying around other peoples plots and have a natter; she needs a walk every now and then. Of course she attracts fellow allotmenteers too, who can't walk past with out giving her a wee pet.

Enlarge this photo to see Maggie's tongue!!


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