Friday, 19 September 2008

GW and Joe's Allotment.

I don't like Joe's Allotment. I don't think he would care, so it's okay that I write that.

This is just a short blogette, as I was just so despaired by his carrots (?!!!) they were tiny, tiny, little, ity-bity marbles of orange. His pumpkin on the other hand made me wince with rage (never mind the even bigger ones his friends had on their plots), as I tried to grow them and FAILED, failed I tell you! - he just plants them and danders off on holiday, I stared at my pumkpins plants and talked to them (very quietly); nothing, zip, nada.

Lets not even talk about him burning tomatoes, blighted tomato plants, yes but the toms themselves?... By the way I still can't bear the awful GW theme music or the terrible camera work. Though I do like Toby and Carol.

Today (Saturday) thinking back I also remember him saying he doesn't have time to be doing this allotment, and he certainly doesn't come across as someone who knows anything about it - what are we supposed to be learning here from 'the expert' gardeners' world team? I'll still end up watching it though, despite myself....

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