Friday, 19 September 2008

Family Focus

Hello! I'm in a good mood at the moment - eating a Cabury's Fudge bar and drinking coffee at the same time, ummm, melt in the mouth.....

So last night during the regional news on BBC 1 NI (Newsline) there was a regular segment called Family Focus. I don't know if it's a weekly thing or not but I am aware of it's long running existence. Anyway, last night they were talking about Allotments and their affect on family relationships. Now that got my attention, and today I tried to look up the piece on line and watch it again. I only found this, which is admittedly the first interview with the family back in October 2007, a guess they still have to put up the updated video.
I am aware that it says 'fanily focus' up there but I copy and pasted the address!?

The jist of last night's update was that after a year of owning and working on an allotment, the family (the Williamson's) are feeling closer, spending more time together and the children are eating better, particularly one of the boys who had a dislike for vegetables. I'll have to keep looking at their website and see if it gets updated soon, then I can share the second half of the story with you properly. (By the way, they had a qualified gardener from a local nursery on hand to help them out - cheaters!)

It seems that Allotments are just plain great for everyone, news worthy, research worthy and dare I say it - fashionable!! Yes, I dare, we are on the wave of a revolution, the Allotment is King and Long Live the Allotment!!! I pledge allegiance to growing my own.

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