Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Duality of Rain

I'm sitting in my dining room which over looks the back garden (laptops are great). I have to confess I never use the room, though it is one of the nicest in the house - shame. Looking out I see a large bank of bright yellow Rubeckia's, Grasses swaying and I can hear the Bamboos, of which we have many. But it has been raining on and off all day, very dull to eye-piercingly bright sky in moments.

The rain has made the beautiful, top heavy Dahlia break, I had to go out and cut a large stem off and try to tie in the rest. I hope it will be okay; though I got a nice little bunch of flowers out the accident I prefer to see them all outside. This rain, it infuriates at times, yet at the same moment I am thinking "well at least the lottie will be well watered". The Duality of Rain. The wind on the other hand, that just makes me mad - whether I look out my window now or think of the lottie, with it's open site and little/no shelter.

One thing that is good, is that I was able to appreciate the little beauties out there, when the sun shone for a while. I love photography but only recently have I let it become my constant companion. Here are a couple of lovelies I noticed today. The one on the right is a seed head from a Celmatis and the other is the top right corner of the garden. The weather looks great, but I assure you a BIG grey cloud is coming...

Well I should go, I just saw that the Gurkhas have won their right to live in Britain. I am so glad, I signed that petition ages ago, must read all about it.

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