Saturday 27 February 2016

First Contact

I feel I have been so long away from my once cherished blog. I was held back, denied the access to think straight or care about the lottie by the deepest, darkest, depths of depression and consistent anxiety; I'm still fighting it, who am I trying to kid. It will be with me all my days and learning to cope and continue to fight is my only way forward. So forward we go.....

** Yesterday The head gardener took a day off work and we had a great wee time together; I love those sort of days, they feel stolen and thus more fun. We decided that our National Trust membership, which had lapsed, need renewing and we did it so easily online and then, went off to Rowallane Gardens.

Sadly the weather turned on us and flipped into heavy rain, so no garden explorations :(  However, when you have a really talented potter on site (Mark) and a cafe, you can cope, believe us! Retail therapy...
Matt's (the resident potter) studio AND the items we have that he artfully created

And now, the allotment! - my first visit since sometime last September.

So I did it, I bloomin' did it! Here, a photo to prove it to myself and the world; if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen this posted in real time, as soon as I got there. I was so nervous/excited.

There was much to be done and still much more, haha. We are doing the Charles Dowding 'No dig' approach this year so there was very little hand forking even (it's my favourite hand tool, weep).  If you have an exceptional memory you'll remember I reviewed his book on the topic in 2014 and now we're converts.

I write this as I lay blanket swaddled on the sofa exhausted from hard work and anxiety. Andrew dropped me off and then back for a little more! and to tidy up but wow, we got a lot of clearing done in those 2+ hrs. Pictures speak louder than words as they say :)

We had the whole place to ourselves which was great for me but also criminal! It's been THE day we've all been waiting for - the perfect Lottie day with no rain or wind though it quickly got frickin' freezing once it turn 4.30!
Andrew has been working away on this plot every now and then (proud wife) and the well rotted horse manure that he is mulching with is glorious, sexy stuff :)
Two wheelbarrows and two trugs of clearing done (that's just me) and a traditional subway sandwich - it looks like we're back! Next time I'll take my 'proper camera' and not just rely on my phone *blush*

Happy plotting, love

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Coming Back

The fresh beauty of today did something to efface from my mind the grim and desolate impression winter has left upon my soul. The sky was blue (what!?) and though chilly, it was an invigorating energy in the air that made me want to linger in the garden for the first time since autumn.

I think I'm on the verge of coming back; writing, taking photos, drawing incredible plans (haha) etc. My heartfelt thanks for your patience over autumn and winter; I hope I can entertain you a little as Spring grabs a hold on me :)

It feels very bizarre to be back on Blogger, subtle things have changed in the publishing and typing sentences is a peculiar feeling as I am much more comfortable these days with writing journals and snail mail letters. It will all come back to me I am sure. Plus I truly must make an effort to read some blogs I follow; I am much more into books and tend to use this laptop only for yoga classes on YouTube *blush*

Bye for now