Monday, 15 September 2008

The Permanent Bed and Adaza Hoe

Can you tell I'm enjoying myself, writing about the allotment? I wasn't feeling good over the weekend and indeed today I'm not that much improved but looking at my photos I feel better and I love to waffle on and on.

So to the last entry of the day (I shall leave the new harvest stuff for another day), and this one is about the permanent bed. It's pretty much ready to go!

Very 1st thing we did on Saturday was go to Sunnybank, our very local nursery and get horticultural grit to dug into the new raised bed. I really like Sunnybank but I think I've told you that before. Andrew dumped it onto the bed and later in the afternoon I worked it in. I was using the large fork and was wrecked a minute after starting, when James walked by. He opened up a whole new world for me by lending me his Adaza Hoe. It makes the work so much easier, and doesn't pull on the back. I'd never heard of one but now I have kindly been sent 2 websites on them and I'm hooked, only I'll have to wait for a birthday or something before I could get one. Look them up, they go by Adaza ( and Adze (on Wikipedia), used by everyone all over the world for all different purposes including woodwork.

We've just got to order our plants now for the bed. Asparagus, rhubarb and autumn raspberries are the things we're going for. I can't wait, though the asparagus will be few years before it can be harvested, we're hopefully getting 6 raspberry canes (jam and cakes galore!!!) and I've been eating rhubarb and ginger scones lots to get into the flavour. Research, you know. I'm going to have to get back baking in the kitchen, only how to stop myself eating everything?....

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