Monday, 15 September 2008

Our Path

The other big job on Sunday was laying a path down the middle of the plot and straight up to the shed. Anne, my sister-in-law, wanted rid of some old paving slabs; we needed some cheap/free, so.... The weird thing was there was just exactly the right amount to do all we wanted, creepy, but in a very good and highly eco-friendly way!

Recently there has been a lot of rain and we've noticed that the plot gets very squelchy when walked on, especially with going up and down to either the shed for a tool or bucket or to the compost bins at the other end. We are, I have to say very lucky with our plot compared to other members, where we are in the field isn't too bad for flooding (there is a slight gradient working away from us) and we have everything done with raised beds. But, you always want things to be the best they can, so this path was a good solution. It's a big rough and ready, with a mix of different coloured squares and hexagonals and it's just recessed into the soil, not laid with sand/cement or anything, but I love it. Each stone is a stride apart and I have to say Andrew did a great job and just before the rain started. I also got a step up to the shed out of it, which if you knew me (all 5ft 1inches) you'd understand how good that is!!

So thanks Anne x

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