Monday, 22 September 2008

A beautiful autumn weekend

This morning I had a panic attack and during it I pulled something in my neck/shoulder, I heard it - yuck! So it's uber sore and I'm not sure about this typing lark, anywho...

We had the most beautiful weekend, especially Saturday. The sky was so gorgeous I took a photo, goodness how much better does this view make a day seem?
I got my hair cut in the morning, so was able to talk on and on about the allotment as I sat there; I get panicky (hate feeling trapped) and turn into the waffle Queen. Unfortunately it seems the whole place may have heard me, Andrew said I was talking rather loud, but I had a hairdryer at my head most of the time. Sorry! Anyway after that we went to the lottie and were met by this gorgeous day. I even got a little tanned on my arms.

I spent the whole time cutting the grass, going round the beds with the shears takes a lifetime, but it's worth it. Ladies - use a push mower when cutting grass, it works those arms good and proper - no bingo wings! Never let a man take this job from you, honestly; the lawnmower is MINE on our plot. I was lucky, inspired to push to the max in the heat of the day by a friendly young man with his own magic mower. This was so fun, it blew bubbles as he went along, he was aiming to 'cut the grass' on the whole allotment field, he said there were enough bubbles to do it. Having kids at the lottie is so much fun.

Andrew turned the compost in No. 2 Bin and the stuff looks good, there was a lot of steam coming off it. I tried to capture it in a photo but it didn't work. We also used some of our own compost from NO. 1 Bin in the permanent bed, gorgeous stuff, very pleased with it indeed. 'Black Gold' I call it, hopefully the raspberries will love it and give me lots of berries, yum. After all that, we needed a wee treat - lollies! I'm a Polly Pineapple girl, Andrew is a Joker guy, excuse the pun.

On Sunday the weather was still warm, though cloudy. We were greeted with this amazing sight as we arrived in the car park. This is Buzz a young trainee Harris Hawk. He had just been put through his paces on the playing fields. I'd never been fortunate to be so close to one of these birds before and questions just spilled out of my mouth about the whole Falconry thing. Fascinating. I just place that sort of past time in the medieval period, as Andrew said, it is the sport of Kings. Wonderful, I hope it isn't the last time we bump into them.

When we got to our shed, there was another surprise. Wonderful, laminated RHS Yearly Veg Planners. They tell you when and what you can sow indoors/outdoors, plant out tubers/seedlings and when the harvest period is - Bloomin' Brilliant. We're putting one up in the shed and I have one home to put up in the kitchen. We have no idea where they came from but Thank You to whoever put them there for us, we love them.
This neck/shoulder pain really is too much. Not much housework for me today, how sad :)

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