Monday, 8 September 2008

And the Winners are.....

Hoorah! The results of the best kept allotment competition are out. I just checked the news on our Eden Allotment Holders Association Website. The competition was sponsored by good old Sunnybank Nursery.

So...Drum roll please...
1st place went to Bobby!
We all know he deserved it; how could he not win! (note previous blog entry)
2nd went to Bill.
Incidently Bobby's son and a selfless helper to everyone who could do with a hand.
3rd was Godfrey.
Have to say I don't know this gentleman, but well done to him too!
Enjoy those vouchers guys.
On a personal note, we are a tiny bit sad we didn't get a mention - I put forward the introduction of a 'Good Effort' rosette or maybe just a list of 'Other Plots That Were Pretty Good Too'. Anyway, well done to our 1st ever prize winners - they have a nice lunch to look forward to as well.

Here are Bobby and Bill way back in April.

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