Saturday, 6 September 2008

Weather men/women have much to answer for.

Today was nasty, rainy and really bloomin' windy down the allotments, where there really isn't much shelter or indeed people. Thank goodness for our shed and coffee to warm us up. Maggie refused the dry and muck-less hut for a nice mucky bum and legs, what can you do?
The permanent bed is now edged and just needs more compost in to make it another big raised bed. We've decided against a diagonal path in favour of a straight one of slabs - better use of space. We're looking out now for some asparagus plants and other lovely things to plant.

Had to get rid of the squash plants today too. That was my job - I love to rip up and destroy as much as I like to watch things grow and flourish! All the plants were only producing male flowers and no fruits/veg. Very disappointing but at least it hasn't gone to waste - in the compost bin. Nasty plants though; I seem to be allergic to their spiny tendrils. Still have to get rid of the pumpkins but that's going to a big job and will need Andrew's help. So disappointed by them - they were free and sponsored by Carrickfergus in Bloom.
I think we got the penultimate harvest of runner beans today - the plants are starting to look tired and the newest beans are very weak and fall off easily. But can't complain, picked a whole basket full today and we have about 9 bags now blanched and frozen, and a further 4 or so just ready to use. Andrew thinks we've saved about £20 at a rough estimate from these wonderful plants, hahaha Tesco! Look at our freezer drawer! and of course the usual harvest picture - Goodness I love taking photos!
We had our 1st sweetcorn cobs today as well. Was very dubious about them but, my goodness I have never had some so sweet and tasty. Everything on the following plate is from the plot, apart from the sausage! The potato has black pepper in it and the beetroot has BROWN SAUCE - just to explain their funny colouration. I can't believe I ate everything on that plate.


  1. Hi Mamma G.Carrie, the sweetcorn look very tasty!!!

  2. They were! we're having more tonight - they're really....sweet!


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