Saturday, 27 September 2008

Home Alone

It's the weekend, the time I usually look forward to - I get to spend loads of time with my hubby. But as I mentioned, today he is on Best Man mode and off shooting paintballs at people.

So, I did some gardening. The gardens at our house are a little more neglected now that we spend so much free time at the lottie. I have no excuse though, I'm here all day, every day and should really get out there. However my anxiety usually forbids that - I get very paranoid that people are looking and laughing at me. But I did it today again (after yesterday's 1st good result), cut the grass with the push mower. It wasn't fun though and although my arms are pleasantly achey, it was a chore - the grass was just too long for the wee machine to handle.

It's a damn shame but we don't grow any veg at all at home and we only have one blueberry plant in the way of any food. Andrew cut it back last year and we didn't really get anything off it this summer - I was not happy with him. We have been thinking about growing our lettuce at home, cut and come again stuff but at the same time, the house is up for sale and goodness knows what will happen there.

Forgive me the indulgence of putting up some pics of my favourite parts of the garden. It isn't at it's best now but there's always stuff to look at. I love bamboos (especially after our holiday to Japan) and bright flowers growing through darker shrubs, I'll grow some more Bishop of Llandaff Dahlias at the lottie next year. I never buy flowers so it will be nice to have some of my own to cut and bring home - I don't touch the ones in the garden - they're too pretty where they are.

Today I met Andrew's Robin friend, I have christened him Franklin. But put a pic of him up and wee Maggie has to have her's up too.
Well we have a compost bin in the garden at least - oh, no, we aren't adding to it anymore. The stuff in it is pretty good and will be used soon in the back garden, then the bin itself will be taken to the lottie, then we'll have 3 there. We are already taking everything to our plot anyway so it won't be any different. Thank goodness the council sells them cheap (£5 each). So I'll have all yesterday's cuttings and the grass from today to take round, plus all the usual kitchen waste and loo rolls etc.
**My Hubby is home! (4.30pm) covered in big bruises and lumps, but happy and exhausted - now he has the drinking aspect of the day to follow; oh cripes! **

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