Tuesday, 2 September 2008

More Weekend stuff

Heart broken that that was our last summer weekend; the weather man said that 1st September is considered the first day of Autumn - I'M NOT READY! It's already getting darker sooner and on Sunday, I couldn't see in the port-a-loo and we had to put the headlights on when driving home.

So, anyway, at the weekend we got some Green Manure for one of the old potato beds. It was a Thompson and Morgan variety, just multi-purpose stuff. The other old potato bed has Pak Choi, Scallions and Carrots in it, they're germinating fine, especially the Pak Choi which I'm very excited about. The carrots are the same as in the ones we're eating now 'Autumn King 2' and the Scallions, we have been growing throughout the spring/summer, 'White Lisbon'. Once they are all over, we have more Green Manure for that bed too.

Stuff we Found

Apart from actually gardening we also found some interesting stuff while digging around in the beds and weeding. I actually managed to get some more pics of bugs, though not the ones on our parsnips - Andrew squished them.

We also have some Prehistoric flint - an End Scraper and a sharp edged cutting thingy. There was also some 19th century black ribbed glazed earthenware. Andrew is the archaeologist, and knows exactly what they are and although very interested in the subject, I can't remember the details. Here they are anyway....

Best thing though was finding a horse shoe! All rusty and with the nails still in it - exactly what we wanted for the apex of our shed - for luck.

Then to top it all off, I found Alan, I had forgotten all about him, he was being smothered by grass and pumpkin tendrils, but I think he's okay. He is our ironic gnome.

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