Friday, 19 September 2008

Our AGM, in the paper.

Andrew bought the other newspaper for the Carrickfergus area last night. It cost a mighty 10p more than the one I spoke of at the very start of my Blog; the one that I deemed uninterested in the Allotments and therefore just plain wick. The extra 10p seems to have paid off, as our little AGM was given a write up and 2 photos. Unfortunately the photo of Gary, Andrew and me was not included but I have a feeling I was caught with my tongue out at the time, so maybe there's a reason!

It seems that we have a waiting list of 65 people looking to join the club and grow their own. It seems to have really been a major shock to the council - they only started with 36 plots in April (when we were lucky enough to get ours) and then it quickly jumped up to 98, were it stands at the moment. Now that there's 65 more in the works, it makes the single 36 plot field sound rather ridiculous.

Andrew and I were down at our plot last night for some produce and a wee look. We brought the rain with us, honestly, it started the minute we arrived and stopped when we left (are we cursed?!). We did have a nosey round though at everyone else's bit of Eden and some were very impressive but a lot more were very disappointing. I would say that approximately a half of them were in a sorry state. A lot of this could be put down to the terrible weather and the fact that there is a flooding problem (God love those in Field B - I had no idea), but equally where is the determination, the drive to make the best of this brilliant opportunity. Now is the time for digging digging and more digging in preparation for the spring!

Again I get all pent up and will just have to stop talking about this issue. As you know I am passionate and thankful for the Allotments as it seems to have really contributed to a bit of a turn around in my depression and anxiety; my patch of mud means so much.


  1. hi There!
    I just love your blog! i am a allotment holder in sunny Bristol. I have just watched this weeks GW in iplayer. That silly man and his allotment. I like to think by watching Joe that at the end of the show I have picked up a feew tips! well nothing picked up this week(again) If he has not got time to work his plot - then hand it over to someone that can!! But like you i will tune in every week!!
    Anyway rant over - keep up the good work!


  2. Hello Hannah,
    Thanks for leaving a note. Hope your Allotment is going well. So pleased someone else thinks the same about Joe. He's a probably a lovely man, but a WICK allotmenteer. But, yeah, damn them, we are hooked on GW.

  3. Carrie it must have been the Good ( Carrie ) the Bad (Andrew) and the Ugly (Gary) that stopped the photo be printed. Most likely the Ugly.


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