Thursday, 18 September 2008

So bored!

I didn't sleep last night, well, I had 2 hours sleep so technically I did, but I don't think that counts. I am exhausted and finding it hard to concentrate. Been looking a seed catalogues and on-line seed websites, for something to do. It really ought to come under the heading of 'research' but I already can't remember anything and I'm too tired to care.

I'm meant to be looking into Asparagus and stuff for the permanent bed. Andrew has already ordered our bare rooted Autumn Raspberries ('Joan J') and some Garlic ('Solent Wight'). Never ordered plants off the Internet before so interested to see how they look after travelling. I know I certainly look bedraggled after a long journey, and grumpy too!

Hope to get to the Allotment tonight, after Andrew gets his hair cut. I was reading that you can compost human hair, for the briefest of moments I thought 'Oh, bring yours home' and 'I'm getting mine cut on Saturday, brill', then I wised up - it's just gross!!!! Do all allotment holders go through this? I'm constantly looking at skips and wondering about whether there's anything useful in there AND I've become scatological - I see farms and think, 'well rotted manure - wonderful, should we go in and ask?'. There has to be a limit to this madness! I'm obsessed, well usually, when I'm not knackered!

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