Friday, 26 September 2008

Nature's candy!

We haven't been to the lottie since Tuesday night, ridiculous. Andrew has been so busy with work; it's all his fault!

We were able to go down tonight for 20 mins before he was off on Best Man duties. Dressing your male friend up like a girl and getting him drunk is hard work, I'm sure and this is the 1st night! Tomorrow is the main event.

Anyway, it was very worth while. Our 1st Autumn Raspberry was ripe, one day later, it wouldn't have been the same. So pretty and soooo tasty - of course we shared it. There are others coming too.
We'll be back on Sunday, stuff to do and growing plants to look at. I'll write all about it next week.
I did some gardening today, just tidying up the raised bed and the patio area out the back. Tomorrow I'll do the lawns and the rest of the weeding etc. I never did gardening on my own before, but the lottie has given me more confidence - it's great. I'm going to use the push mower from the allotment instead of the electric one; work out those muscles. Also there is a lot of stuff from today to be shredded. I LOVE COMPOST, and I don't care who knows it.
Well, just me and the dog tonight. I'm not going to watch GW! Last week put me off, there's bound to be something on all those tv channels for me, surely.

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