Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Our little seedlings

I just don't know when to stop. Even after I wrote and hit 'publish' on my last blog post; I felt compelled to go outside and take photographs, put a load of washing on and make compote. Then in the afternoon I wrote rough drafts for the next 6 posts, and got some photos edited for them..... then 'had to read' yet ready for yoga and so......collapsed.

To be honest the rest of the day was a mystery, though I did love Forrest Gump being on. Today I have barely moved from the sofa - yay I got up out of bed though!! - and have 'just read' all day. Though my mind has been muddled and confused and I seriously look like a mad lady!

Why do I strive so vehemently when I'm obviously so ill?

Sorry. I needed to get that out, say it openly and publicly. Listen to your precious bodies and minds my friends.

** The Gault nursery as it stood yesterday..
 Andrew's homemade cold frame - housing geraniums and broad beans at the moment

 Roses - Reine de Violettes and  Silver Jubilee
 Two Beetroot types (Chiogga) and  (Golden) Celeriac, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

 On the window sill - Sunflowers (this is 2 weeks after planting!), Zinna (Jazz)
 Tiny Rudbecki (dwarf mix), our clever light reflector ;)

** The back garden in happy vignettes....
So much green and happy growth!

Hugs and love
Your Carrie

P.S. Almost all my Dahlias are sprouting now :) 'Golden Wonder', 'Bora Bora' and 'Pom Pom'


  1. Lovely! Look at all your little seedlings....oh, the good things to come!

  2. I have sown seeds directly in the soil outside and have seedlings growing nicely. But so much more trying to germinate indoors:) joyful time!

  3. So beautiful! I am glad that you had some down time watching that classic...I haven't seen that in ages! And it is good to get these things out! The cold frame is wonderful as are all of your new sprouting happys in the garden! You take care! Nicole xoxo

  4. You have been busy. I find sometimes I'm like a mad woman, and it's hard to stop when the energy is flowing. Hope you're looking after yourself today though. Try and take it a bit easy!

  5. You have been a busy bee! Our dahlias are beginning to shoot bit some are a bit reluctant

  6. It's all looking good. Happy gardening. xx

  7. I love all the pictures. I really like how you're laying them out in groups. Do you do in Photoshop or does your blog program help you with that. Whichever, it's a cool way to look at your garden picture. And how the does the grow? Obviously, very well.

    What can I say about your comment about being ill? I don't think of you as being "ill" or "sick." I wish you wouldn't say this to yourself. You are you and you come with your own set of life's challenges. Yours are a bit more "challenging," at times...but you do get through them. This is because you have a very strong will!

    You are so gifted and I sometimes wonder if you realize this FACT. I'll take the gifts you give us regularly on this blog, even if means there are days when you're absent:~)

  8. the cold frame is so elegant, so, just so. The back garden looks as if it should work its magic on you.


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