Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Springing into May

April has whizzed past me in a blur to be honest, if it weren't for all the photos and blogging I would be lost to recall what happened. Today in particular, being the last of Aprils days to give, has lead to think of all the changes and the growth that one month can create. I admit I have been wasting time on the photo gallery pages just watching the transformation.

These are from yesterday...

a few of my favourite garden plants doing so well - '' ~ an allotment blog
Acer with little helicopter flowers; the birch, now growing strong; new buds all over the virginia creeper, growth from all place on the large acer, ivy creeping slowly along in the shaded area
tulips in the garden - '' ~ an allotment blog
these tulips keep giving!
I'm in a bad place today, mentality and need to rest my mind and my body before there is an implosion of sorts. The sun is shining but it isn't making me feel better; got an empty laundry basket though! Sometimes I feel as though nature is laughing at me; I'm paranoid I know, what a silly brain I have :(


May always makes me think of this quote, which I believe I have shared here before, but it gives me such hope and reassurance that I shall share it again. It is my blog after all; my rules ;)

Carrie x


  1. That's a beautiful quote, Carrie. I can see why it gives you comfort. We should always cling to life affirming words, even when storms are wrecking our souls. Oh, and have hubby give you an extra hug or two as well. :-)

  2. Carrie, this is truly a magical time of year, with all the new blooms and re-growth.

  3. Awww. That quote is so nice. Thank you for sharing it:~)

    As usual, your pictures are delightful. The tulips are so pretty. It's almost too hot for them where I live, but I get to enjoy them on sites like yours.

    Be good to yourself, okay? It's fine to take some time!

  4. Happy May, sweet Carrie!!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful quote Carrie. I love your photo collages, you've taken some really beautiful shots. Those tulips are stunning. I'm sorry you're not feeling great. Be kind to yourself and take it easy sweetie. CJ xx

  6. Sorry, you're not feeling yourself! Take care of yourself as well as you weed :-) I took a page from your gardening style and attacked all the dandelions in my front garden today. They're now in the recycling bin ready to be hauled off.

  7. I love May maybe because it is my birthday month. I hope resting on the sunshine with birds singing, fragrant flowers and Maggie curled up beside you lift your spirits.

  8. Carrie, I'm sorry you have such down days during this beautiful time of spring. The tender new growth pushing through are beautiful and I hope you find some peace and joy.

  9. I think that it was a good month plotting wise. I hope that you're feeling better today.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  10. Hi! Thanks for visiting :) I haven't seen the quote before so I'm glad you've shared it again. I think Nature has a good old belly laugh at me sometimes considering some of the things I wear whilst gardening ;)
    Hugs from across the water x Mo

  11. Sweetie that is a lovely quote .. I want to file that in the back of my mind and visit it many times over when I am feeling perplexed or down.
    Be careful what I wish for is my quote of the day today .. we have had good days of rain to soak and warm the garden but it is still going on when I have work to do!
    Monday fingers crossed we will have a clearing and I can get some serious headway done.
    I hope you will feel better soon sweetie : )

  12. Yesterday the clouds were heavy, the wind cruel and the cold bitter, today the sun came out and my garden felt like a little patch of paradise, all would have been perfect if my toddler had not taken it upon herself to do a little gardening of her own and replant my tiny sweet pepper plants from the propagator into simon's shoes!

    Feel better soon lovely lady:)

  13. I like your pics and I hope May will be great month for you :) and that qoute is just so nice and truth


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