Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The back garden starts to explode :)

Sometimes it takes you to go away for a while to really appreciate how much your garden grows in a week, especially in Spring. If you were to watch it everyday, waiting impatiently, these changes wouldn't be so noticeable.

Behold the back garden, beginning to explode into life...

Highlighted plants are links to the RHS website page of the variety we have..

* Oh my, I think I have found 'my' tulip! This raspberry and cream one (ahh! can't think of the name), on mass just makes me smile very big indeed - next year I want another 5 pots ;)
* The stained glass window will be covered soon by the weedy looking Virginia Creeper - it only went in last year and already it's rampant :)
* The Acer didn't take well to the house move way back when but in the last year it has really come into it's own - never seen it look so happy.
Christmas box has also responded well to the clippings it had last year and has filled out nicely = happy times
*The beech hedge, though all 5 plants are growing at very different rates, is happy and since yesterday (when I took this photos) it's even greener!!

* So many little box balls and a very happy Star Jasmine, with a Japanese Maple in the center
* Lots of seedlings in the cold frame
* The beautiful paper bark Birch and lovely bamboo, Wisteria growing around pergola
* Camellia - first flower of the year :) We got a new water butt just with this baby in mind as they can only take rain water.

* Just look how far we've come (and by that I mean Andrew, as he built the walls, the raised platform and pergola, the fountain, the cold frame and the chairs. Plus he planted everything whilst I supervised and photographed *blush*

Hugs and Love


  1. It's all looking good. Blushing again...! Flighty xx

    1. *the headquarters of blushing* love you Mike xx

  2. Miss W, and Mr W of course, you are indeed of the genius variety. Behold, indeed!

    1. Too kind sweet Ms J, I hold your opinion in the most highest of esteem
      Affectionately , your Miss W x

  3. Wordy me as only this to say: Your garden is lovely:~)

    1. Wow, cat got your tongue my love?! Thank you xxx

  4. Oh, that before and after is amazing! I hadn't seen the work in progress, only admired the lovely structure Andrew had built. Tulips look so lovely.

  5. Congratulations - you done good! It looks as if it has been growing happily for years already.


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