Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bonny Scotland :)

The weather in Scotland was fabulous last week, we couldn't have been luckier. Andrew got to do some work, looking at castles etc and I got to do a little photography (when I felt up to it). We drank many different whiskies and ate terrible food (I had one good meal, one!) Then we came home exhausted and in need of a proper 'do nothing much and read a book' sort of holiday :)

Castle Edzell
Their wonderful looking box hedge garden had box blight - bad news :( It has looked much happier in the past. I believe they are going to slowly replace it all with yew hedging. Plus all those holes in the walls will have plants in them come summer. I declare that we all must have a little summer/tea house at the bottom of our own gardens.

Castle Edzell collage - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

This is what our 1st B&B looked over and I swear, watching the sunrise over this harbour was one of the best sights ever....http://instagram.com/p/mzdIrqK8RN/

Stonehaven harbour collage - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

 Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Castle (instagram)  'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

I have too many photos - here is a good overview, I hope... it's a stunning and huge attraction....
Dunnottar Castle collage - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

Glenfiddich Distillery
Glenfiddich distillery - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

I'm even getting bored with my own photos now, hahaha. I took so many on my phone that it's just about enough to fill a book, if I kept going.

So we also saw the Culloden Museum and Battlefield and Castle Urquhart (on Loch Ness - no bloomin monster!)

Then a glorious drive towards the ferry again ...
Lochs and Mountains - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ An allotment blog

You see I have so much gardening to talk about and beauty in the garden and allotment plus a fantastic new book  which I've reviewed (out next month!) I best get writing xx

Hugs and love


  1. Carrie, thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. I would love to visit some of these castles, so much history, and I am sure, you did, and as I did when in Amsterdam, when standing in these ancient places, you wonder how life was for the people back in ancient times, what were they doing, what were they like.

    1. Totally awful spelling in the last attempt to answer your comment xx

      It is astonishing to stand in a place with where so much of later influence happened. I am constantly amazed that this buildings and sites still exist. It is so real! Xxx

  2. I managed a photo of the monster during our stay! That's a big smile outside of the distillery.

    1. No!! It can't exist I looked really hard! Of course it's a big smile, I love small businesses run by a family and getting awards and praise from all over the world! Nothing to do with drinking lots, hahaha!

    2. But I have a photo here http://glallotments.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/holiday-wildlife.html

  3. A most enjoyable selection of photos of some lovely places, most of which I've been to albeit a long time ago. Flighty xx

    1. Time to dust off those driving gloves! xx Glad you liked the photos xxc

  4. It was lovely to meet you at the Loch Ness Inn - you certainly made the power cut more entertaining! We returned home to the lovely sight of apple blossom on the tree, spinach leaves and pee shoots emerging from the earth and the scent of lavender in the air. Even my rosemary bush is thriving! Happy days:) Jen XX

    1. Wasn't it fab, best power cut ever! So many lovely plants growing for you. Ohh lavender and rosemary = heaven!
      I can't believe you got me to sing, I never do that now! xxc

  5. What a nice holiday! I loved the pictures, especially the castles!!! I've always wanted to go Scotland. I'm hoping on my next visit to my daughter who lives in England, we can schedule a visit. It will depend what time we go.

    I know I said this before, but I like how you're laying out your photos...its a bouquet of photos:~)

    1. Hope you got my email about my secret photo techniques....
      If you are going to the trouble of visiting your daughter in england you owe to yourself to visit a little part of bonny Scotland too xxxx


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