Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rhubarb harvest / snippets of Spring

It has begun my friends - harvesting from the allotment has taken off already. The rhubarb wasn't forced this year or we would have been enjoying it earlier but the time has arrived and it was worth the wait. I have a couple of recipes I would like to try, fingers crossed this time I actually get further than getting the ingredients out and then having to dump them!

first harvest; the joy of rhubarb - '' ~ an allotment blog

At the two half plots there are many signs of new life and tasty produce to come, it gives one the tingles :)

The joys of Spring awakenings - '' ~ an allotment blog
Left : Autumn Raspberries coming through and the Blackthorn hedge taking root and sprouting leaves
Middle : Just one of those amazing little 6 headed Daffodils I have been mentioning
Right : Beautiful fat buds on the Cherry tree, it's covered in them and the Garlic growing strong

Naturally we also have opened up the Gault seedling nursery and even after the incident with the mini greenhouse, our spirits are up and pretty much everything is doing well. They're all exciting to me so even if you log off now in boredom of my giddiness, I am going to show you  more seedling photos now.....well, loads of soil and maybe a few specks of green, hehe.

 Left : One of 3 (so far!) Mangetout 'Oregon Sugarpod'
Right : The Dahlia 'Bora Bora' tubers are all doing good, this is just one

Left : 2 Kohl Rabi hiding in a corner of a big seed tray full of more waiting to burst through
 Right : One of many many Zinnia 'Jazz' babies (boy these grow fast!)

Love and Hugs
Your Carrie x


  1. I picked the first few rhubarb stems this week. It's all looking good with the promise of lots to look forward too. Flighty xx

    1. Superb!! Can't really have too much of it can you? I'm for baking with some of mine tomorrow! Xxx

  2. Our dahlias are still stubbornly sproutless.

    1. Our Dahlia 'pom pom' variety is stubborn too, grrr. I demand that they all sprout by this weekend! Xx

    2. I was worried that my Dahlia is playin up, but I fell better now, knowing that yours is stubborn as well, phewww :)

  3. Wow. how fast the garden grows:~) I love the pictures, as always. My favorite is the Zinnia. That's such a cool picture. It's like its growing out of rocks and such a tiny little thing. If I had name it, I called it HOPE.

    May your days be warm and have just enough rain to keep you and your garden very happy:~)

  4. Wow, your rhubarb looks fantastic, I'm very envious. Mine is very sad and overgrown with grass. It needs some love. All of your seeds are coming on well. I've been planting today - mostly some flowers for bees and also some climbing borlotti beans.

  5. Your crops look fantastic! WOW! And I love that mini greenhouse you have there! I need one of those! i hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nicole xo


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