Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins

I've been baking again so prepare yourselves friends for a heck of a lot of photos and another recipe card.

It was impossible not to do something with the first rhubarb harvest of the year (I have other ideas too) so I looked through a lot of recipes and decided on this one first, though as usual I changed it from the original as I went along. This recipe card has the steps which I think would be better than the way I did it.

Rhubarb & Ginger Muffins - '' - an allotment blog

So, I really do mean it when I say you really ought to get all your ingredients measured out and chopped etc before you start because I didn't and it was a nightmare of mess and confusion. I am not a calm and collected person in the kitchen!

Getting muffin ingredients together - '' - an allotment blog


* Butter, Eggs - I use unsalted butter for all my baking, there really isn't that much in these (healthy?? hahaha). Always with the medium sized eggs too.

* Sugar, Milk - For spicy yummy things I always choose brown sugar for that more malty and warm flavour and for milk I use semi-skimmed, but you know; I think coconut milk was recommended for this recipe originally...that might be lovely.

* Vanila Essence, Rhubarb - Vanilla essence makes a difference, there I said it. I never used to use it but now it's not going to left out again; plus a bottle lasts for ages. Two cups of rhubarb is roughly the equivalent to 275g or approx 2 large stalks.

* Ginger, Flour - For this recipe I love crystallised ginger but I reckon stem ginger would be just as good but ooh so messy to chop finely! Then adding the ground ginger = yummy burny-ness. You must use self-raising flour for this or the muffins will be so heavy and dense even though you will already have added some baking soda!!

* Butter your molds or they just won't come out.

Making the muffins - '' - an allotment blog

10 mins later...

Rhubarb and Ginger muffins - '' - an allotment blog

Hugs and Love
Your Carrie


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Anne-Marie ~ they were very tasty :)

  2. They look, and sound, delicious. Flighty xx

    1. thanks! It's been a while since I baked muffins ~ they were good! xx

  3. Yum yum YUM!
    I made rhubarb & ginger chutney last year but it's not recommended and although it tastes luscious it looks appalling. Your cakes on the other hand look scrummy.

    1. I know it doesn't look the greatest (I've made some and have to share it later in the week) but it is lovely! I do so love a good cake though - planning on an upside down rhubarb cake soon!

  4. Mmm, they look delicious. I love the idea of rhubarb and ginger together. Just as soon as I have a little rhubarb, I'll give them a go.

    1. rhubarb and ginger is a excellent, heavenly combination! You must go forth and make, haha! x

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! Do these just look heavenly!!! We love muffins in these parts so any recipes like this are truly appreciated! Have a great week pal! Nicole xo

    1. you are so welcome! They aren't huge, like Starbuck's muffins or anything but they are delightful - I'm so glad this seasonal recipe idea is going down well. I am no baker or cook so I was super nervous! xxx


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