Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bee friendly plants

So here I am in Scotland for the week and what a week....RHS National Gardening Week - celebrate! Oh I know I shall just have to drink some fine local whisky to add my own merriment to the occasion ;) Click the link to see their gorgeous website.

Ahhh, Scotland, the land of raspberries and oats and whisky...sing along now ' these are a few of my favourite things'...

The RHS website has ideas for ways to celebrate ( if you have time!) But come on,if you read this blog I should like to think you love wildlife and such and shall be celebrating this week as with every week! Plus, crikey there is so much to do, so many seeds to sow :) It would be incredible if you could show a child the magic of planting a seed though (sunflowers are fab, they germinate in about 2 days) and watching the life cycle, but don't go pilfering kids without parents' consent ;)

I love to think of bees. I've had quite a few buzzing  around the allotment and then there was that one that knocked itself out flying into the patio doors whilst I was drinking coffee - scared me, what a boop! He was okay after a moment - fear not.

a (strange to me) leaf like butterfly\ a bee with lots of pollen - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~an allotment blog

I saw this on both Pinterest and Tumblr and thought it would be perfect to share.
ALL credit to Hannah Rosengren!

Bee friendly plants, Hannah Rosengren on 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~an allotment blog

Found on byhannahrosengren.tumblr.com

Much love


  1. A good, informative post. Most of the flowers I grow on the plot are bee friendly. Flighty xx

  2. Have a great time!!! Sounds like a wonderful time! And this poster is just awesome...need to pin this one!! Happy week to ya!!! Nicole xo

  3. Glad you're enjoying Scotland, it's somewhere I'd like to visit one day. I've got some bee friendly things germinating at the moment. I love the poster, and I hadn't thought of zinnias, they're something I really like that I've never tried. I shall look out for some seeds. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week in Scotland Carrie. CJ xx

  4. We went to RHS Harlow Carr yesterday and it was heaving - school holiday time!

  5. I just had a chance to watch the excitement in children's faces when sowing seeds. We usually sow barley or something similar into a bowl for Easter. We did it at school and I got them to sow it, water it and measure how tall it gets, we will calculate how fast it can grow. They were so excited, most of them are probably sity kids who never got in touch with the soil... I like the bee-friendly plants poster :)

  6. If Scotland was only a little bit warmer... We visited Edinburgh but I would love to explore the heritage coast.


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