Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A loveliness of Ladybirds

It's Tuesday and I'm still feeling a bit anxious with leftover panic from Sunday's visit to the Allotment. Don't get me wrong, nothing horrendous happened...there were no clowns nor a plague of locusts, a twister did not lift up my shed and deposit me in Oz etc. No, I simply took the worst panic attack and it didn't go away until, sort of, this morning.

As an advocate for Ecotherapy and in my own made up word of Allotmentherapy, I find this quite the let down. But as I remind others, so I must remind myself.... Ecotherapy is not a panacea for mental health problems.

I believe my panic began with me getting just what I wanted....new allotment members in a big friends and family gathering getting an over run plot back into order. I mean, really, it was a joy to see. However it also put me on high alert...I had to talk and be friendly and it was all too much. I went into overdrive to make these (somewhat glorious warriors) feel a community spirit existed, and it was just too much.

Reminder this bed? I worked really hard to get it finished and cleared then realised I hadn't been breathing and nearly fainted.
finally cleared! - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ an allotment blog

Andrew managed quite a bit with clearing our soon to be squash/asparagus area and got pooped too. Our trip home for coffee ended me shaking and terrified to go back.
tackling the back of 14b - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ an allotment blog

The vast population of ladybirds couldn't even draw me back. There are so many this year, this is just 2 out of approx 8 I saw without searching for them! Pure joy :)

A loveliness of ladybirds - 'growourown.blogspot.com' ~ an allotment blog

Today is beautiful so I'm going to take photos of how gloriously well the seedlings are doing, all over the place and share that joy with you. Plus I have designs on making a sweet rhubarb compote later.

* For now it's all about remembering to breathe and ordering my hay fever medication- why??!, cruel, merciless, sadistic pollen, why do you torture me so!???

Love and hugs
Your Carrie x


  1. Carrie girl : )
    I'm so sorry about the panic attack .. I understand how you feel, I too suffer from trying to make others feel comfortable and it sucks the life out of me at times .. and literally the breath as well, like you.
    I am totally in love with that gorgeous picture of the ladybugs .. the focus and light are perfection.
    I keep staring at it ... just so beautiful ! Well done you !
    Joy : )

  2. I see that Andrew has been working hard. I've being seeing plenty of ladybirds too, which are always good to see. Lovely looking daffodils. Flighty xx

  3. Ha! We are all tortured by seasonal allergies here as well! No fun! And man what a job friend! I can see why you forgot to breathe but such an awesome reminder to us all when large jobs sit in front of us to remember to breathe and take it easy!!! Love those ladybugs! They are such a welcomed treat to the garden! Happy week you and beautiful blooms! Nicole xo

  4. Carrie, be kind to yourself. You've done really well getting up to the allotment and doing so much work. It doesn't matter if you didn't go back, better to look after yourself. It will all still be there the next time you can go, and hopefully then you won't have to face so many people. I did a bit of gardening today - so much to do in April. Tomorrow the allotment with potatoes...

  5. yes, next time, without the crowds ... just you and the ladybirds (and Maggie and Andrew)


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