Saturday, 12 April 2014

Plain Rhubarb Compote

Andrew made a lot of rhubarb compote last year to help deal with the immense glut we had. His was spicy ginger and gorgeous and I shall make his and this in various other forms I'm sure before the season is over.

This recipe is just plain and came from a lovely blog called 'Simple Bites'.. from which there is a great list of things you can add it too to make dishes taste even better.

rhubarb compote recipe cards - '' ~an allotment blog

N.B. Sterilising jars:
Wash in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Place in an oven that is at 140 Celsius for at least half an hour. Turn oven off and allow to cool a good bit.
Do not ever put hot jams or compotes into a cold jar - there is a risk the glass to crack! :O

sterilising jars - '' ~an allotment blog

*  Chopping rhubarb for me isn't the easiest task as I have permanent double vision. So I split my stems in two, hold them together and slice as finely as I can then finish off with a mezzaluna. 6 cups full!!

chopping flesh rhubarb - '' ~an allotment blog

* All ingredients in the pot, time to boil then simmer....
mixing up the compote - '' ~an allotment blog

* Boiled mixture, now to simmer with lid on and again with lid off
boiling up the compote - '' ~an allotment blog

* Lovely natural rhubarb compote. To add a redness to it you can put in a finely chopped beetroot (once you've grown them) or colouring!
plain rhubarb compote - '' ~an allotment blog

* The finished article - almost a litre.
plain rhubarb compote - '' ~an allotment blog


  1. We make a compote and freeze it as we end up with so much of it. We're gradually reducing the amount of sugar until we find out how much we actually need to use

    1. I completely agree - the sugar is really 'to taste' as with all recipes. I have high hopes for many other uses for our rhubarb this year, plus, naturally we'll be sharing lots to people who haven't got any. x

    2. I must make some rhubarb crumble muffins again which we liked and I'm also looking for a good pork and rhubarb recipe.

  2. Delicious, and I love the idea of adding orange juice. Makes me think I need to rescue my rhubarb this year before it's too late! Hope you're having a good weekend Carrie. CJ xx

    1. It's nice and really works well with your breakfast, you know, if you drink orange juice like me. Use your produce or it will feel so terribly unhappy!

  3. This looks awesome Carrie! I would love to give this a go...lovely weekend to you! Nicole xo

  4. Looks yummy! I love strawberry and rhubarb pie too. I always lessen the sugar as I like it a bit tart :-)
    Too early to put the tomatoes in the ground, but I potted them up into larger pots today. One even has a few blossoms.


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