Thursday, 12 March 2009

Updates on plot planning and speaking out for Ecotherapy

I have had the most terrible mental ill health day today. Only now at 3pm can I think straight enough to open up my trusty laptop and try to engage in the world around me.

I already feel the panic returning as I write; my stomach hurts and my throat feels very restricted, however I have 2 things I really want to tell you. So, I am going to get this blogette written if it's the last thing I do all day.

1 - Last night Andrew and I (me especially) had great fun drawing up our plot plan on GrowVeg. com. It looks so good and so real and I just love seeing the plot so full of life and produce (albeit in cyberspace!) I honestly would recommend it and was going to show you all my hard work but can't copy and paste it here (it's protected) and we haven't got a printer at the moment so not even a photo of a print out ~ Sorry. I would encourage you to try it for yourselves though.

2 - I received an e-mail from the Mind charity media department asking me to become a Media Volunteer. This would mean talking about my depression and anxiety disorders and what therapies have made an impact. For course that would have to involve a big shout out for ECOTHERAPY!!
It is very nerve-wrecking to think about someone, maybe ringing me for an interview (Magazines, Radio and even TV!) but I care so much about destroying the stigma attached to depression etc and I want everyone to not only relieve their mental ill health by Allotmenteering but to start working with the soil now and maybe reduce the likelihood of depression setting in.
Okay, I'm off to lie down just is not good. x


  1. From one to another, Carrie ... Sending you love.

  2. I tried yesterday and it is really good fun.

    I thoink you'd be great at the MIND job - they are going to be understanding about putting you under pressure, you ARE a really gerat writer and I think you would do a great job and be a great positive advocate for mental health in NI and the UK :)

  3. I agree, I think you'd be great at the media role. Best of luck with it. I hope tomorrow is better.

  4. thank you for the love and support - grow our own has the best followers ever xx

    I'll keep you informed IF anything happens!

  5. Hey Carrie you'd get my vote too. I'm sure you could do some good things with it.
    Hope the weekend is better for you. Sunday looks like a good growing day (according to the weather forecast). Best Wishes.

  6. I think you are an excellent advocate for mental health. You are far braver than I am, that's for sure!
    And something about gardening has always been mentally soothing for me too...since I was a child. Just the quietness of it, working the soil, playing such an important role in the life of the all just makes the rest of the world fade away and brings my focus to right here, right now.
    So best of luck with the Lottie - and with MIND if you decide to do that!

  7. Thank you very much Mike. I'm so glad you find peace in gardening too - makes you realise what things in life really matter x


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