Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An unwrapped gift ~ for me!

Last week I bought myself a 'funusual' gift from the Oxfam Unwrapped website. The present arrived today and even though I knew exactly what it was, I was still excited.


I received a card with a magnet inside which is on the fridge already and a little note telling me that 'this gift has been bought and sent to you by you', which I thought was rather funny. In fact I was so excited I rang up 'Leon' at customer services to see if I could find out roughly where the allotment was - they can't give out that information. :(

Never mind - Somewhere out there a person will be getting the right tools, seeds and training to grow their own Lottie. I hope they find it productive; financially and mentally.
Better than renewing that fashion magazine subscription, any day.

P.S. I do have some stuff to write about my Lottie from the weekend - I'll get to it, honest.


  1. I think that is such a brilliant idea :)

  2. It's so cool, I'm planning on doing something else either for christmas or maybe just yearly. There''s loads of great gifts to choose from and I strongly believe Ecotherapy = more self worth = important for all to have access to!


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