Thursday, 26 March 2009

Christmas comes early

Today was excellent when it came to new plants. I received 2 packages!!

In the 1st, my friend Selkie had sent a bubble envelope (great fun in themselves - I love to pop!) full of glorious cuttings from her own garden way down in Co. Kerry. I have started to pot them all up, but time for a coffee break. The package included Poppies (Purple ones!!), Agapanthus, Hemp Agrimany (for the butterflies) and Elecampane. I am so happy, all look very healthy so fingers crossed. I need to look up the others and see photos but really, I can hardly wait to see the Purple Poppy in particular, I adore poppies but didn't even know purple existed. Isn't it great to have generous friends. Big love to Selkie x

NB. just noticed they are all sitting in the right order as I spoke about them - cool.

The 2nd package was the long awaited for Asparagus crowns. We are going to try and plant them tonight, when Andrew gets home from work. We've been getting tense waiting for them, especially after seeing Ronnie had planted some last week!

So good stuff. Photos shall follow - I'll update this bloggette later on when things are planted up.


  1. Oh good - I'm so pleased to see you happy and full of energy! I have none myself just now. But the sun has just come out so I might go and pot on some tomatoes. I'm only saying might, mind...

  2. I love having plants sent to me! Also love giving them out too! If you ever fancy a plant swap give me a shout!


  3. I'm waiting for asparagus crowns to arrive - due to the weather I'm planning a cooking day tomorrow so that should make them appear!!

    Rosie x

  4. How much space do you need for a decent asparagus bed? Oh, and by the way, the pessimists amongst us would have said that Christmas arrives late, but whatever. Go ahead, be cheerful.

  5. EB - Yep, feeling a little better today, sorry you aren't, hugs.

    Ryan - It was so exciting, I loved it. Have to keep you in mind if we have anything extra!

    Rosie - things always arrive when you're busy. It's like me and the phone - it always rings when I'm in the shower.

    Kate - I just will be cheerful and noone can stop me!! I'm going to write about the Asparagus bed we have tomorrow - we planted the crowns out tonight so I have photos and everything. For 10 crowns our bed was roughly 8 foot X 4 foot. More tomorrow x

  6. Cheers for the hugs- it was fleeting, it always is for me fortunately. Onwards! (as the mad woman used to shout in the Sainsbury's ads, if you had them where you are)

  7. EB - We didn't get that advert here but it still seems appropriate x


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