Friday, 13 March 2009

Migraines and seedlings

I must of been a terrible person in a past life - bad back at the start of the week, a tummy bug in the middle and today a bloomin' nasty migraine. It's starting to get dark now - that dusk time I hate the most, but it's helping me today, I can open my eyes and not be in total agony.

Had to come here and write a bloggette, the day has been boring, as anyone with migraine trouble knows - you can barely move without pain. Fighting through it now and actually washed my face, yes I know it's 5.15pm!

So to cheer myself up I took photos of the greenhouse and the dining room window sill - otherwise known as the Lottie nursery. Does everyone's house have a room like this at the moment!? and this is it tidied up, hahaha.

Our little greenhouse is all we have room for but it did us proud last year and suits our needs, though it does need weighed down or it blows away (too upsetting to talk about). In it we have about a million Leeks germinating (fingers crossed) in these 2 trays. I did take a close up but really, there's nothing to see yet! Up above are some more Echinaceas that Andrew got at a fab price that couldn't be walked away from - or so he tells me.

In the dining room I have some Lettuce in a tray which I'm going to grow in the garden for easy access. It's 'Salad Bowl' the mixed leaves. I can grow successionally and always have tasty leaves - though, and I've just thought of this - Maggie will have to be looked at more closely when she goes out for her tinkles!! The other tray, on the other side of the spuds, houses Perpetual Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Pak Choi and Kale - forgive me for not walking into the dining room to find out the varieties - the head aches remember.

So that's that, just a wee catch up. Oh, and I did want to talk about the wonders of Vermiculite but that will have to wait I guess.


  1. Hi Carrie, I hope your feeling better this evening. I have a little greenhouse like yours in my garden and I have grown so many seeds in it that it's worth it's weight in gold. The proper one on the lottie hasn't grown half as much, but it is great for my peppers, chillies, cucumber's and tomatoes for when they are all grown up, and need somewhere to fruit.
    I use lots of vermiculite, it's fantastic. I usually mix my own compost using john Inness No 2, multi purpose compost and vermiculite ( for potting on that is) and sometimes I cover the seeds I sow with vermiculite instead of seed compost, can't praise it enough. Have a great week-end. :)

  2. Oh yes i have a BIG bag of vermiculite in my shed! :D I used one third compost, one third peat and one third vermiculite for filling my raised bed and now when changing plants just a little more normal multpurpose cpompost goes in. It makes for lovely soil :)

    I hope you're feeling better!


  3. Hello - like Maureeen and homelymum, I hope you're feeling better. I look forward to the post on vermiculite - what is it for?? I've got some but I can't remember why I bought it! - yes I can see it lightens the soil in a mixture, but why do people often sprinkle it over the top? Thanks!

  4. How horrible to be feeling miserable just when there is so much excitement going on in the greenhouse!

  5. Vermi-whatsit?! Am intrigued!


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