Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mishap, Massacre and Mulching

We only got to spend a little time at the Lottie this past weekend, the weather for one and the desperate state of our own back garden, just looking at us everyday - something had to done before the whole area committed suicide!

Walking down to the plot I slipped and badly twisted my back on the terrible excuse we have for a path. It's just compacted clay with a delightful squishy top layer which somewhat resembles an ice rink in one part and a bog of eternal stench in others. Anyway I pulled a muscle or 5 and was in agony - the left side of my back was swollen and hard for 2 days :( Poor me. I ended up sitting in the shed while Andrew did a little tiny bit of work - then the pain was too much and I was homeward bound into the loving arms of my dear friend - Ibuprofen.

The massacre came in the form of all the hedges and some trees having been brutally cut back. It's terrible looking and right at the start of bird nesting season - we have loads of little birds around the plots. It goes against the whole ethos of the Allotments and the idea of permaculture and encouraging wildlife. It also means the whole of the place is a wind tunnel again! Well, sore back and shock don't mix well. My Ecotherapy for that week was not going well at all.

So, sitting in the shed (fortunately out of the rain - always look on the bright side!) I took random photos and sat bored whilst Andrew mulched all the fruit bushes and trees with Farm Yard Manure (ummmm....wafts of such a lovely smell - could the day get any better?). I was given Andrew's special 'Garden Journal' to write in (a true honour) which passed the time a bit quicker. Then, morally defeated - we went home.

Check out Maggie's pumpkin badge - 'You grow 'em & i'll eat 'em - GrowVeg.Info We all have them and Andrew and I have keyrings too, so cute.


  1. I slipped on some of the kid's railway track 3 weeks ago and hurt my ankle badly, it's still not right so you are in good company! On the bright side it means more time to sit and read gardening books! Or cookbooks!

    Sorry to hear about the hedges. I have to say the ones in my garden need doing PDQ before the birds will get too disturbed as they are a real sight! :(

    What will you grow in your back garden? Will it be a pretty area for sitting out in or a further veggie plot!?

    And you lasted longer at the plot than I did in the back garden yesterday! i walke out the door, decided it was too cold and windy an came back in for a cup of tea! ;)

  2. Oh dear, hurting your back is the worst! Don't overdo things. I hope you are back to full gardening fitness really soon.
    Would the paths be better maintained if the funding was in place? Could you use your injury as possible leverage? If the council think that they might get claims they might be more willing to throw money at it? Hope you gat everthing sorted soon.

  3. I think you need one of these - {HUG}. Hope that helps.

    Rosie x

  4. Homelymum - the back garden is just a nice garden. Except that I'll be growing some lettuce and coriander. Andrew (and I) have worked very hard on that garden and it's a little haven in the summer and autumn. I'll put up some pics x

    Allot of Veg - I really think that if I complain the allotments would be more likely to be stopped than give more money!! It's getting better, no need for tablets anymore just careful what I do. x

    Rosie - your hugs are much appreciated x


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