Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Catch up

It's another bad day, but I have to keep myself occupied. I'm also wearing my hubby's big jumper ~ so it's like getting a big hug from him.
This is just a wee photographic update on how the seedlings are doing around the plot.

My Sweet peas have at least one seedling in each toilet roll now ~ very pleased; I want some for home too.

The Broad Beans are growing away nicely ~ last week they barely touched the string, now a good few are past it, I think they're happy enough.

Andrew fed the Spring Cabbages on Saturday and by Sunday they had already visibly perked up. Like a good caffeine injection, hehe. Actually, I don't know what he did feed them...
And although I didn't take a photo, the apple tree buds are starting to swell. Good stuff.


  1. Hi Carrie, your plot is looking good. The broad beans look really healthy. The weather here was fab today, I hope you got some of it as well.

    Tomorrow is another day, forget how bad today was and think that tomorrow will be a good one for you. :) :)

  2. Here's another {HUG} in case yesterday's has worn off.

    Rosie x

  3. I am very jealous of your broad beans but my sweet peas are better than yours! Sorry, hopefully my mental age will reach double figures after the next cup of coffee...

    I tried to use toilet roll tubes a couple of years ago but the dog found them irresistible. Hmm.

    Hope you feel better soon. Maybe more sunshine and warmer days will help.

  4. Maureen - thank you, not sure if we did get any good weather yesterday - i was hiding. But you were right, feeling better today x

    Rosie - your {hug} was very, very much appreciated x

    EB - Bet your sweet peas are wick and you're just jealous so your making up stuff! Pity about the loo rolls/dog problem, I think it should work well. x

  5. I sowed my first batch of sweet peas in loo rolls yesterday so it's nice to see I did the right thing :D I need to buy a load more seeds - i never saw the point in sweet peas until i grew them last year. But i am not keen on the smell - i don't like the really really whoppingly fragranced ones!!!!


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