Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ecotherapy - just some musings

I am going to share with you a self portrait I took on Sunday, when I was deeply depressed, hiding on the floor in a corner of the shed on the Lottie. I truly felt miserable, mentally and I also had a tummy bug lingering over from the day before. I do not like my photo being taken - I nearly always do the cheesy grin and usually only have it taken by Andrew in one of those faces-together-camera-at-arms-length self portraits.

So here I am, alone in the shed as Andrew went off to get stuff from the car. This was an experiment - to show the real me. I always have a camera in my pocket so it happened very quickly.

Sometimes the Lottie doesn't help, it is not a panacea - I felt worse being out, much worse. But in a funny, round-about way, it did help at the same time - Andrew working purposely, happily, right by the shed door and the relief of getting home again. Well that relief wouldn't have been there if I'd just staid put all day and seeing my Love happy - that's priceless!


  1. Hi Carrie, that's a really poignant photo. Hope today is better for you. Find your pleaseure where you can. Best wishes J

  2. That's a lovely portrait! Not enough daylight this time of year, just getting out and being on the allotment is the best place to be.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments girls! I'm sure the brighter days will begin to help and now there is more fun stuff to do on the plot, oh and once i've spoken to my psychiatrist on friday maybe i'll feel less in the dark.

    Rosie - hugs always help x

  4. Very moving to read, and a great photo.


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