Friday, 20 March 2009

Field D

There has been a good deal of action all over the Allotments but the most visible change from afar is that of Field D. Only released a couple of months ago, these troopers are making strides, well a few are. As always you'll find some people with a heck of a lot of enthusiasm and then those plots were it's all grass still or it's been ploughed but that was months ago and now it's a Lottie of weeds. (Actually, let's be honest today - those people with NO interest or indeed no time should do the decent thing and give up their plot to someone who needs/desperately wants it).
I have a couple of photos I think may be of interest to those in Field D. Two of the Allotmenteers are in them!!! Always good to see yourself in print, eh?

This is Ivan and to be honest it is astonishing the work he has managed to do in so little time. I wish him all the best and I really will have to get better photos of his plot. Love his modern art touch to the fence though! and he's planted willow right around the compost area to screen it and copious it for his own needs. But there is so much more to this plot.

I am a bit miffed to say, I don't know the name of the man pictured here painting his shed. But he does have a cute little Jack Russel bitch called.....Maggie! Good choice of name, eh? The first time the 2 girls (my Maggie and his) met it was a bit rowdy but last time they were running around chasing each other - so cool to see, nothing better than a happy dog, or indeed, pair of dogs.
I'll have to do more dandering about and meeting people - I'm just a bit too nervous and self conscious at the present.

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