Monday, 30 March 2009

Peas Sir, can I have some more?

Bloody Day-Light Savings Time. I've lost an hours sleep somewhere and I want it back!!! I'm tired (sleep evaded me until 3.30am), out of sync and crabby. So in order to make myself feel chirpy (before I hide under the blanket and try to sleep) I am going to write a POSITIVE blog today.

You may remember that a couple of weeks back, Andrew had the ingenious idea of using up the left over, fly-tipped guttering so sow peas in. Here is it, if you missed it. Well those Peas 'Kelvedon Wonder' are doing super duper well in the cold frame and our yet-to-be-patented polystyrene end caps are working a treat.

Well, yesterday I did a gutter full of Peas all by myself. It was all done in exactly the same vain as Andrew but this time I used 'Hurst Greenshaft' ; a variety we had great results with last year. There's no point in describing how I did it, but there is a great wee story in the very fact that I did it myself.

I am aware that 2 photos of this is not, nesscarily needed but I'm proud of myself, blast it.


We are coming up to our 1st Anniversary at the Lottie and until a few weeks ago I was the principal weeder, grass cutter and harvester of goodies. I did have my flower bed but I really didn't feel confident enough to take part in the sowing and planting out of veggies etc, unless Andrew was with me, telling me exactly what to do. I was convinced I wouldn't be able to do anything right and would end up wasting seeds and compost and generally ruining everything. BUT you may have noticed that recently I have sown all my own flowers seeds for this year and a batch of Broad Beans. My self-esteem is growing!! I will NOT go near a fruit tree or bush etc and attack it with secateurs but I will happily plant out seedlings all by myself. I'm learning and to be honest I can do these things just as well as the Hubby!!

This may all sound a bit silly - people generally are not afraid of planting seeds, they find it a joy, exciting even. But until now I was so scared, so full of self doubt and hatred I couldn't bring myself to do it, it brought on Panic Attacks! Now look at me; the cold frame is full with stuff as is the mini Greenhouse in the back garden and pretty much very window sill in the house! And on top of that I have loads of lettuce (the 1st batch was atrocious) herbs and my Sunflowers to do in the next day or too.

Holy Moly I'm Growing; you'd better watch out or I may bolt!!


  1. Seriously, well done!! Sounds like you have come on quite a bit! You will be training espalier apples in no time!

    You go ahead and bolt! Just document it here so that we to can watch you develop and grow as we do with our gardens!

    Very happy for you!


  2. I planted peas in guttering just before the snow. Still no sign of them so in the middle of last week I planted a cut and come again salad using the same soil. At the weekend I noticed the salad had come through and then today a pea is coming up through the middle of it. Patience is a virtue so they say...

    Glad you got some lottie time at the weekend.

  3. BIG HUGS!!!!!! This is the stuff that you need!:D Plus Ilove your blog, the way you write,your turns of phrase...they make me smile!!!!!! :D

  4. Great stuff - well done you. I have sowed peas into guttering too - but no sign of any germination yet.

  5. Well done! I don't think it really works to see any task - garden or otherwise - as a sort of standard unit of x amount of difficulty. It varies enormously from one person to another. How you feel about something makes far more difference than how it looks to outsiders.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your lovely, supportive comments. Big love all round.
    Ryan - x
    Allot of veg - quite cool to have peas and salad together, yummy.x
    Jo - oh, you (I blush)x
    Karen - it's the way to go, my friend, just you wait...x
    Plus, EB - really like the way you phrased that.x


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