Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Snails.... (PG 15)

I forgot to share this story with you..... on THE EVOLUTION OF SNAILS!!
They are slowly adapting to this world, were they are hated so very much by every sane person. They have been studied, developing over the past 40-50 yrs and I think becoming clever and stronger as a unit. They have different coloured shells, depending on where they live so they're harder to catch; the humble and sweet Thrush is in decline because they are in training to be masters of disguise. This is the real terror we must face.

My friends. What is a Snail but a Slug with a mobile home??? The 'Enemy' is (admittedly slowly but therefore more secretively and underhandedly; damn their evil minds!!) becoming a more advanced killing machine. They are on to us; they have their eyes on OUR prize - blast their miscreant potentiality!!!

Sleep well, if you can.......


  1. Here I thought we were well-protected...but I never accounted for...SNAILS!! Sleep will be but a memory.

  2. We must be strong Hobomike!

  3. As a malacozoologist, I absolutely love and adore snails and slugs. They are wonderful creatures and also have a big role in the ecosystem. Surely, gardeners creating large areas of crops they like to eat only invite them to a full plate, but if you mix your planties up a bit, they will not have it that easy :) Also they dislike pretty much everything with a strong smell like onions and similar and many herbs. There are many natural ways to protect your plants ;-) Good luck!


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