Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April, already!!

April Fool? - Depression is no joke. Again I am beaten. A fellow blogger Karen, does 'Wordless Wednesdays' I am blatantly copying her today....

I'm in that bucket too, ready for the compost bin. Sorry to be so grouchy.


  1. Carrie - but in that bucket there's beauty too and a great photograph!

    What you need is time to regain strength - we're here when you need us and understand perfectly if you need some time away.

    When I have the black dog times I find focusing on one good thing per day (even the teeny tiniest of things) gets me through it.

    ((((((Here's some more hugs))))))

  2. VP - you are an angel. I think if I take time away by Black Dog will eat me up. Blogging, Photography, my Lottie friends(virtual and real) keep me going during the lonely days.

    Thanks for those hugs - they are very much much needed x

  3. Hugs from Idaho also. I know what it's like to be depressed, having been through almost of year of it. Not pretty. But I'm happy I made it.
    I hope things will look up for you soon.

  4. Great pics!

    You have loads of support and friends here for ya!

    I'm back to work tomorrow after three weeks off sick so I too will also need support from you lot by friday!


  5. Kim and Victoria - Thank you to you too. Never have enough hugs. I am sorry you have faced depression but YOU MADE IT!! That is brilliant. Big love flying your way x

    Ryan - Thanks for the completement on my pics! Back to work, eek! You have ALL my support, hope you fit in just were you left off. Big hugs xx

  6. Carrie, I have an idea that might help you. If you are on your own too much and you believe in Ecotherapy, why not help others in the same boat as you and get a communal plot going for people like yourself. It will give you something else to think about, and help others too. I know too well that depression can leave you with no motivation, but working and keeping busy is better than taking to the duvet. There is also much to gain from helping other folk, in fact it can be quite a therapy in itself. I think you would be good, doing a project plot, you know all the basics and as you said growing in knowledge all the time. :)

  7. Carrie - Depression is the absolute pits.

    You have taken a beautiful photograph for your Wordless Wednesday.
    There is a website
    Which is where I started doing wordless wednesday, now I kind of do it for myself, in other words, what ever happens in my life, I know that on Wednesdays, I will look for "the" shot and post it.

    Big hugs


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