Friday, 10 April 2009

Excuse me while i ramble......

I have a raging hangover. Drinking too much alcohol is not big and it's not clever! I hope the room stops spinning in time, it makes things like typing so darn difficult and Mother Nature has made the sky extra bright today - I think She's laughing at me ~ I deserve it. Oh Rioja, why?

So just a quick catch up this morning. I haven't taken any photos of the seedlings in and around the house, but please believe me when I say 'Hoorah, they are doing well'. The Squashes in particular look great, I have no idea were we're going to put them though....any one thought of doubling their plot size by building a high rise, a second floor if you will?

Sorry, I drifted off into 'carrie world' - it's a happy place where anything is possible and chocolate cake doesn't make you fat and you never need to see the dentist and the common cold has been thwarted etc. am I still drunk?

Anywho, I did want to share some photos with you of ladybirds, they are everywhere at the lottie right now. I love them, the only bug that actually visually warms the cockles of my heart. I recommend a click on the 2nd one.

Plus, months ago (in the dark and foul months of which we shall not talk) I watched a man I didn't know sneaking around our Field. I thought 'he's up to something' and I wasn't wrong......He was planting 3 beautiful pockets of Tulips in the hedgerows. If I knew who he was I'm give him a big hug; they are adorable and a delightful distraction from the cow poo heap! Thank you mystery man.

Lastly here is a photo that quite adquitely describes how I'm feeling right now. A Sweet Pea in a Germinium pot with a carrot label stuck in it. Confused?


  1. HaHa that made me laugh.I juat finished off my third glass of painkilling rose!

  2. Wish I had a bandit in my neighborhood to brighten things up! Too funny.

  3. Don't worry - we've just got back from Poole (visiting aunt in law) and she has a massive tomato plant (in flower!) in with her cactus. It could make picking the fruit a bit tricky later on!

    Recover soon and have a good Easter :)

  4. Laughing at my drunkeness?, it's all I deserve...

    I'm totally recovered. Amazing what 5 hours sleep and a lot of chocolate will do for you!
    Off the wine for a while, hehe.

    The cactus may look like it has lots of big red noses spiked to it.

  5. Carrie ! You are too funny girl : )
    I wish I could get legless ? but the meds I take .. well they just won't let me .. a glass here and there , my god I can't remember when I did that last now come to think of it .. damn !
    I love the ladybugs .. I clicked on the second picture and their little red bodies just popped out at me .. I hope for lots in my garden because some years those aphids are unbelievable : ) .. I hate them and earwigs .. uuugghhhh !!!!!!! LOL
    Love the mystery-man's antics ... more please ??

  6. Believe me Joy I shouldn't be drinking either, on my meds, but I don't think my drs read this blog, so ssshhhhh!!

    Ladybirds are the best!! Saw more today. God, earwigs, I haven't seen them or thought of them in ages. I was told as a kid they creepy into your ear while you sleep and eat your brain and lay eggs - scary stuff!

    Andrew thinks he knows (by sight) who the mystery tulip planner is! Plus I noticed a rose planted by a clump today ~ the same man??? The detective work must start in earnest.

  7. Hope you got some good sleep last night.

  8. Oh I do enjoy your blog. This was several days ago now, so I trust the hangover's gone! I haven't sown squashes yet - bad EB. I'll get them on the go as soon as I've finished potting on the half dozen or so things that are crying out for it - busy busy busy ...


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