Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I need to perk up!!

Got a chat in there with the Hubby at work and I feel a little better. I think part of the problem is that I spend the vast majority of my time alone, with Maggie. Though very cute, she isn't very talkative.

So on the phone I realised that we had received our rent renewal letter this morning. (£35 for a half plot / £50 for a ful one.) We have 14 days to pay and then good old A24a is ours again for another year! It has got me thinking about everyone on our site... okay, everyone in Field A... okay!, ....our next door neighbours. We haven't seen them for a long while and, well maybe, just maybe they aren't so interested in the old Allotmenteering (sacrilege! Allotmeenteering Rocks). So, maybe we could expand????

Well we'll have to wait and see but that patch of ground, that little piece of Eden is staring us in the face every time we go down there. And we're going down tonight again! Torture!! I have ideas for it....but I mustn't get ahead of myself. We have pretty much run out of room on our half of the plot, you see so....STOP. I can't do this to myself, I can't get excited.


Others have recently returned to their plots and started to give it a ggod overhaul after winter, some have added structures and planted new onion bulbs etc. It has been lovely to see more than the few core people that are Lottie Regulars. As I call them, my 'Eden Lottie Folk'.

I thought this was quite funny. The full plot just below us did a BIG renovation job over the past couple of weeks. Their soil is looking better but they've decided to just stick to a big bed of spuds again this year. Unfortunately the Scarecrow was in the way - look at the state of the wee darling. Yes it is a school girl, sad really..

Which makes me think of another thing - I have to make a Scarecrow! (Or 2 ?......)


  1. It's funny about time alone - I need loads of it or I turn into a snarling monster, but I know I'm unusual! (Probably just as well). Could you join a group of some kind - maybe even start one, local veg growers maybe, or some other subject?

  2. You aren't unusual, or else, maybe we both are! Although I get worse, sometimes, being alone I generally don't like being around people either. I have been in different groups and just wanted my own space all the time!! I'm a mess, not just unusual. But I do love 'talking' on the internet - I feel I can be more myself when people aren't looking at me - weird????!

  3. I think Emily and I think alike as I had just written a similar comment on your previous post, weird !

  4. Carrie ... you have cracked me up girl ! I love the fallen scarecrow shot .. that is how I feel every evening and I haven't even started going nuts in my garden yet ? .. I know I should have taken more vitamins and gotten on the damn treadmill during the winter .. I love Maggie .. the girls let me love one dog a year and I think I'm choosing Maggie ! LOL

  5. GardenJoy4Me - Maggie is a very easy doggie to fall for - though I think she realises this. She often uses those big eyes to get what she wants, hehe! Can you believe we rescued her from a pound?!!

    Karen - thanks, wish it was mine really, it is super creepy!


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