Friday, 24 April 2009

Rosemary's babies

I have to tell you about my Selkie/Rosemary. She's from 'down south' (ie. Ireland as opposed to Northern Ireland) and has only been a friend for a short while through the ever excellent GrowVeg.Info forum. Recently she posted me some off cuts (or 'divisions' is probably the right word of her favourite plants, great for attracting bees and butterflies to the Lottie. I wrote about it here.

Well look at them now! Unfortunately we lost one of the Poppies, we did all we could but we just couldn't save him....and the other one is in ICU, you may wish to prepare yourselves for the worst.....But everything else is so healthy and bursting to get planted. I LOVE the leaves on this Elecampane and every time we're at A24a I go off for a moment alone with it and give them a little rub ~ so soft.

Well more than all that! Today I received a Hug in an envelope (that is literally what it said on the card, hehe) with a lovely letter from Rosemary and more of my very favourite colour of Sunflower, the red-bronze ones. I have a different variety (same gorgeous red colour) upstairs growing away in their pots on the window sill, but now I really can have that sunflower hedge I talked about!

The weirdest sensation came over me when I got that letter out of the blue; I felt loved and calm and was able to sleep for 3 hours right there on the sofa. A big deal when sleep has been taking a holiday from my brain recently. A huge big hug to my friend Rosemary, makes you think ~ what could you do to make someone feel special this weekend?


  1. You mentioned about putting in I.C.U.... with every recovery measure taken and controlled environment?.... just asking.... my fate is worst, all sunflower seeds failed to germinate... urggghh! ~ cheers!! ~ bangchik

  2. Oh Bangchik, I am sorry to hear that, it is terrible to lose ones seedlings. There is time to plant more and I hope you have much better luck this time. My thoughts are with you.
    I have been checking up on the Poppy, it doesn't look good.... hehe x

  3. I don't think my poppy will make it either - if they die we'll split a packet of seeds betewen us lol :)


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