Monday, 27 April 2009

We have an Orchard!

On the BBC news on Friday I found out that The National Trust declares an orchard to consist of 5 trees, even if they're in pots on a patio! Now Andrew did tell me this before the piece was presented but I thought he was being fanciful ~ we have 8 fruit trees on our Lottie but I wouldn't have thought to call it an Orchard. But there you go. Here's the link.

Never mind all the lovely heritage Apple trees planted up by the car park, if you count all the fruit trees on our Eden Allotment Gardens I'd say we're definitely doing our bit to help all those insects (of course the yummy apples, plums and pears etc are an added bonus)!

By the time you read this I'll be in Rome, yes Rome! Can't believe it, lucky girl, eh?

Just leave you with a photo of our Orchard Arch, hehe.


  1. By that definition, our space here just has to remain as "a little vegetable garden"... definitely not an orchard!!... Your arch looks massive.. fits for royal parade. ~ cheers, bangchik

  2. Rome! Have a fantastic time. I'm trying to thing of veg/Rome related witticisms but none springs to mind. Eat lots and bring back photos!

  3. Very cool, orchard tender. Our tomatoes are in the ground, with protection. Hope you are well and enjoying the spring. Any visits to National Trust gardens nearby on your agenda? Do you have the Yellow Book in Ireland? xo Alice

  4. I love Rome -hope you have a super time. I'm still working on an orchard, just bushes here...

  5. Yes! we had a count and we definitely have an orchard too! I'm so excited... I always wanted to own an orchard!

  6. NAH nudged me firmly in the ribs when this came on the news and said 'you have an orchard - it's official'! I don't they he can quite believe it either. Do you think they'll include us in that survey they're doing!

    Hope you had a fab time in Rome - I've always wanted to go there.

  7. Congratulations on having an Orchard and enjoy your holiday.

  8. Bangchik and Kakdah - it's okay, a vegetable garden is wonderful in it's own right. I do like to think I am the Queen of A24a, hehe.

    EB - I may have too many photos hehe! Thank goodness I don't like ice-cream or pasta, I'd be huge now!

    Alice - you know we were just talking about that on holiday, how we could have saved so much money and visited our 3 or 4 National Trust places and had a lovely time, picnicing and playing with Maggie. No, we don't have the Yellow Book here, but I have hard of it, great idea.

    Allot of Veg - You ought to go visit again! Don't fear, there is plenty of time to work on that orchard, if you want one, mothing wrong with being a berry girl!

    Matron - Yippee!! You have an orchard too!

    VP - I hope they include us! One warning about Rome - the tourist groups are maddening! And then people like me taking photos all the time. It can be annoying.

    Joanne - Thank you x


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