Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Maggie and I are both sick :( We both have dickey tums and are feeling very sorry for ourselves. My head (mentally) is also playing up and I feel like running away and becoming a hermit or a 'crazy-woman-with-lots-of-cats' but I don't like cats....so I guess I'll be a hermit, possibly with Maggie, if she wants to come.

Anyway, I small glimmer of joy was wedged through my letter box by my usual grumpy Postman today. Really if he sighs anymore or indeed takes his frustrations out on my post for much longer I think I'll crack and set Maggie on to him. The Fiercest Licking of his Life!!!!!

Yeah, my head is fried, were was I? .... 'glimmer of joy'... Yes. Look! ~ a whole bunch of seeds from the council as a wee thanks for renewing our Lottie tenancy. Lovely!! Now where the heck are we going to grow these? Goodness, does every silver lining have to have a cloud?

I do have lots to tell you about the weekend but I feel too sick so it will have to wait, right now I need my blanket and a good old period of self-pitying. Then I'll feel better.


  1. Wow that's good! We don't get freebies but I still think it is the best £10.50 I spend all year. Hope you are up and planting them soon.

  2. How lovely that they give freebies.I'm envious! Those look like borlotti beans too!!!

    Hope you feel better soon - I am not a huge cat woman easier - they make me sneeze!

  3. Hello..lovely blog. Great to see someone local blogging. I have just started trying to grow my own veg here in Newtownabbey (starting cautiously with carrots !). All the best with your blog..I will post a link to it on mine.
    Paula (aka KittyandPolly - my shop).

  4. Wow! Not only freebies, but good ones too! Are you entering the pumpkin competition?

    Hope you feel better soon - you need to get well for all that Easter chocolate!

  5. Hi Carrie, hope you quickly feel better, even frisky! I was down for a week with a virus, but I'm back to running around, even blogging. :-)
    (and that's from someone who always hated smiley faces!)

  6. Allot of veg - crikey,, only £10.50 that is pressie enough my friend x

    Jo - can't wait to grow those beans (somewhere!) they are great. Cats make me sneeze too that's why I don't like them. x

    Paula - HOORAH!!! Someone from my neck of the woods! All the very best luck with the new lottie. Off to check out your shop in a mo. Thanks for dropping by. Do you have a Lottie blog? x

    VP - after the heartache of last year's pumpkin comp where mine were barely the size of a golf ball, I think I'll pass.... But chocolate, goodness not even a sore tummy can stop me eating chocolate. But Easter is a wonderful excuse to have it with EVERY meal!! x

    Alice Joyce - welcome and thanks for the comment. I too hope I feel 'frisky' soon. Have to check you out x


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