Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Happy Birthday A24a

It's been a year since that inconspicuous letter full of happiness was pushed through the letter box and landed on my hall carpet. Yes, my friends, THE letter; the one sent my the council to say we had the rights to plot A24a for a year!!!! God, I remember how excited we were, but I can't believe it's been 1 whole year.

This is what our field looked like then and now.

This is what our plot looked like!

We were so happy, I took photos of OUR grass, OUR soil and OUR weeds, how sad is that?!

I have lots of photos to look through today and just remind myself how far we've come, the friends we've made and the delicious food we've grown ourselves.

I have said it before and but will keep on saying it til I die. This little piece of Eden was saved my life and continues to do so. Ecotherapy, 'getting-back-to-nature', call it what you will, but when all is said and done the Lottie (along with Medication) has made more in roads in my mental health problems that any other type of therapy I've done (and that's a lot).

Here's to another year!


  1. Yay what a difference you've made. I have serious Lottie envy!!!


  2. I too have lottie envy! Happy Birthday A24a.

  3. Its great that you took pics of your grass, soil, and weeds ... I am always kicking myself for not taking enough "before" images.

    Getting back to nature or the earth is such a healer.

  4. Well done hunny :D Heres to another year! :D :D

    I am still around but have been taken over by the camera :D

  5. carrie... on "OUR grass, OUR soil and OUR weeds"... there isnt a trace of sadness ... I will call it serene and very calm... vast and wide..and they are waiting for your intervention... cheers! ~ bangchik

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Sorry to have induced Lottie envy, hahaha! Oh we just love her and want to everything we can to make her the best Lottie in the world! I hope she's ours until we die!! (Then we'll get composted on it, hehe)

  7. A lovely post - congratulations! I can well imagine taking pictures like that too.

    I learn so, so much from gardening, and most of it's nothing to do with gardening itself. Patience, and persistence, and happily burying myself in something real. So far not literally but if I do disappear at some point, please have someone check the compost bins!


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