Friday, 17 April 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - a la May Dreams Gardens

May Dreams Gardens is a fabulous blog and does this monthly (i think) update that everyone takes part in - showing the blooms in their gardens/plots. I wasn't going to take part because Andrew and I had our house up for sale last year through into this ~ bloomin' recession, we had to take it off the market. Therefore I don't have many photos as there weren't any bulbs planted etc but here we go.

I'm off at a Wedding all day whilst you read this! I love the weirdness of post-dating!
So in our Back Garden we have these blooms:

Skimmia and Wallflower

Blueberry blossom and Japanese Acer


And at our Lottie we have this beauty and these in the hedgerows:
Hellebore and Broad Beans
Wood Anenome and Daisies
Hopefully the next time there is a meme like this I'll have more lovely blooms. Check out everyone elses on Mays page.

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  1. Glad you joined in with Bloom Day - it happens on the 15th of every month -
    Love your little blueberry blossom!


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