Friday, 3 April 2009

Good news all round

Yesterday I cut the grass in our back garden. This sounds boring but wait....I have an irrational fear of being outside at the best of times; I even feel uncomfortable in my own garden as it's over looked by, god, I don't want to think how many houses. I always feel I am being watched and judged - therefore laughed at. But....yesterday I went out there and I struggled and cursed at the stupid lawnmower because I could barely get it to the right height. And I cut my grass and trimmed the edging. Yes, me, all by myself. There were neighbours out there too, laughing and shouting (and cursing!) but I stood my ground - Hoorah for me!! It's starting to look better out there, it's been neglected for some time (the Lottie Rules our hearts!!)

I'm not one for lists but I also noted down what was doing good (i.e germinating) in the little greenhouse on the patio. It goes as follows:
Veggies ~
Leeks (2 types)
Brussel Sprouts
Pak Choi
Perpetual Spinach
Yellow Poppies

Inside, on the many window sills we have :
Veggies/herbs ~
Flowers ~
I'm still very impatiently waiting for other things to come through - grow you buggers!


Then after a delightful salad, Andrew and I quickly visited the Lottie. Only to be met by the glorious Cold frame!!! And teeny tiny, Carrot and Turnip seedlings in the sun tunnels. The 1st lot of Broad Beans are flowering! All the fruit bushes are filling out nicely and the Raspberries are sending out shoots, the Apples and Pears are budding and the Plums look like they are thinking about it! Good visit!!!

Couple all that with a nice chat to Ivan, waves and smiles from others, who we haven't seen in ages and a dander through Field C, which is going extremely well and has some great innovative minds and good soil prep already; and we were pretty happy. Eden Lottie Folk are the best. Oh, and we posted our renewal form and cheque for another wonderful year of Allotmenteering!!

Which reminds me of this photo Andrew took of me during the week - yippee!!!

Happy Weekend!!!

For Bangchik - Broad Bean flowers x


  1. I love that photo of you - and Maggie's face is a picture. Happy gardening be in at home, at the allotment or in your heart

    Rosie x

  2. Reading your post here, there is much more than words ... very inspirational!.. Of course, gardening keep us sane ... Could you show broad beans flowers in digital form? .... cheers! ~ bangchik

  3. Your garden looks very beautiful. Nice yard! Good luck with all your starts - they look good though from what I can see in the pictures.

  4. Well that photo of you shows you have definitely PERKED UP ! it's lovely to see you so happy, have a lovely weekend with Andrew & Maggie. I hope the sun shines for you and you get a lot done. bless !

  5. *BIG HUGS*

    You are doing it you know :) Doing things that make you happy, beating the things that scare you(yep I know the neighbours / garden thing - been there)and finding that the fear (tbh unfounded the will be too busy with theirown livesto notice much that goes on i imagine andif they do who says their reactions will be negative?) - these things will leadto more happy times, more seratonin and getting well. Well done!!!!!:D :D I am around - just needing to be out the house alot as little un is a handful.


  6. Fab piccie of you Carrie - like a new born lamb full of the joys of spring :-)

  7. No wonder Thrive were interested - you look like an advert for them!

  8. That's the greatest little greenhouse I've ever seen!


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