Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Seeing Red

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed a lot of lovely green sprouting up all over the show. I love green, it's the colour of my eyes, the colour of Ireland and the sign of growth and happiness to come. I love flowers, yes, but greenery such as bamboos and ferns bring joyous colour to my world every day of the year.

But, recently, over these very same couple of weeks I've been attracted to all the wondrous shades of red. The unopened apple blossoms, the ladybirds, well see for yourself.....

Apple Blossoms
Ladybirds (2 are getting friendly)

Broad Beans - Pink close to the stem
Rhubarb - RED

Hellebore leaf veins
New Cherry Tree leaves

Brussels Sprout leaf veins

Rhubarb Flower head (not mine)
Pink blotches on the new Pear leaves (tell me it's supposed to be like that!)

Alan and the old cooking pot

Okay, so I cheated on the last 2! But I really do have a lot more photos of things, for instance the new Raspberry cane shoots, the fine hairs on the Redcurrant bush's main stem and the gorgeous red thorns on our climbing rose.
Oh, where will I be when you read this bloggette? Scheduling it for train up to Milan. Oh, sorry, have I made you jealous, hehe. x


  1. Lovely pictures you will miss the plot though you won't have that in Milan Te He

  2. I'm not jealous at all as I'd rather be at my allotment plot. The weather here is grand, I hope it is for you as well. Enjoy your break.

  3. What are your plans for the rhubarb?

    We planted our crowns this spring and hopefully in a few years we'll have abundant rhubard - until then we settle for stuff from the market.

  4. Joanne - thanks for the lovely comment on my pics. I did miss the plot a lot! Milan is okay but my wee bits of Eden are better!

    Maureen - The weather in Italy was perfect but you were right, I did wish, many times, that I was back in the Lottie.

    Whiterice - We plan to buy more!! We'd like to have a nice big bed of it and force some and make rhubarb scones and pies etc, Yummmy. But you're right it will be a while before we have enough to satisfy our lust!


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