Friday, 1 May 2009

Gail's visit

On Saturday we were joined at the Lottie by our good friend Gail. We had a picnic around the workbench/table and just had a great, relaxed chat in the sunshine for the afternoon. We very rarely have visitors at our Plot, I think people are afraid we'll give them jobs to do! So it was lovely to share our piece of Eden (she was overjoyed at the fact that she really was in Eden, Carrickfergus) and to take Gail on the grand 4 field tour. The day was beautiful and a lot of people were down at the Allotments, great work was evident on most plots and everyone was very smiley and friendly. Really I was full of pride at my fellow Allotmenteers!

So a big THANK YOU to Gail for her visit (complete with food, including German Biscuits ~ my favourite) and to everyone who was down there on Saturday for making me proud to share our Lotties (thankfully she's an artist and even saw beauty in the bedraggled roads and flooded squelchy crossroads!)

I'll hopefully be in Milan today but I know I'll be thinking of home and the long weekend ahead, working on our new half plot. There's also this happy corner of our back garden to be enjoying, is it obvious that we like reds, purples and pinks?


  1. Hi Carrie... It is cruel of you to suggest that people rarely visit your plot because they are afraid you may give them jobs to do!!... hahaha.... maybe, could be .... But I love looking at gardens.. mine or others... inspirational!!.. I dont mind helping too.. cheers .. ~ Bangchik

  2. Your friend Gail looks lovely but her fella looks a bit short for her - she could do better!!
    Is she a hand model? - her fingers are perfect - I think she could do more weeding etc.!!
    Allotmenteering Rocks!!

  3. You are welcome at our plots any time, to help out! Bangchik

    Tash - Gail is delightful but you are right, her 'real' boyfriend is much nicer. She's an art therpapist but, yip her fingers are long and elegant, I couldn't subject them to weeding!
    You know it Rocks girl!!


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