Wednesday, 6 May 2009

£20 reward for my Hubby back!

My Andrew has gone to his 1st Eden Allotment Holders Association Committee meeting tonight. He was co-opted onto the panel for a while until the next AGM and the meeting started at 7pm. It's 9.40pm now and I want him back!!!!!

They better be making some progress at that meeting, large strides forward, gigantic leaps into the future evolution and development of our Lotties or there will be one angry, lonesome, bored stiff, crappy-TV-programme-watching wife to answer to! Me!

You know, sometimes, Allotmeenteering doesn't rock.


  1. Don't be silly woman - they'll be down the pub ;)

    Seriously, well done to him for getting involved. Much better than whingeing from the sidelines. Not that I'm saying he'd whinge - oh you know.

  2. Oh he's a whinger alright, hehe. He finally rang at 9.50 and they were at the meeting the whole time! They did get stuff sorted and I was quite impressed, plus he came home with a bottle of red wine so all is well.


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